Who’s Watching & Creating Live Streaming Video In The U.S.

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14 Amazing Social Media Tools You Should Be Using In 2017



When people hear something, they are only able to remember 10% of that information after a week. However, if there’s a relevant image alongside that information, the retention rate increases to 60%.

This is the reason social media marketers give preference to the use of visual content marketing on social media, even more so than on blogs.

And Canva is a great tool for creating great images.


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FREE List Building Mastery Resource Guide


Creating Freebies Canva.com Canva is a FREE platform that you can use to create checklists, ebooks, images, and more. For more features you can upgrade to a business account.

LANDING PAGES & OPT-IN BOXES LeadPages: LeadPages is the industry ‘ s leader in creating beautiful landing pages even if you don ‘t know how to do web design. LeadPages offers hundreds of templates for you to create pages & opt­in boxes anything you need

EMAIL MARKETING SERVICE Active Campaign: Active Campaign offers users the most features for an affordable price. Send autoresponders, create segmented lists, schedule campaigns and more so you can grow your list and make more money online.

FILE HOSTING Amazon S3 Amazon S3 allows you to host your files online at a very low price, and even offers a 12month free trial. This is perfect to be able to send you freebies and other documents to your subscribers.

ROYALTY FREE IMAGES CreateHer.com CreateHer.com sends FREE royalty free images to you every month. You can use these images in your freebies, on your landing pages, or even your social media post.

TELESEMINARS FreeConferenceCall.com Teleseminars are a great way for you to grow your lists. You can host your teleseminar for free on  freeconferencecall.com

WEBINARS Zoom.us Webinars are another tool that the pros use to grow their lists. Zoom offers tons of options to fit your needs, and allows your viewers to interact with you, see you and ask questions live.


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6 Ways You’re STILL Leaving #Money on the Table in #2017



  1. Stop starting over everytime you repeat a task.You don’t have systems in place to maintain your business. You need technology systems in place. You must have a strategy.
  2. You don’t master all of the skills you need to grow your business. You refuse to delegate task. You need to get a team. (Virtual Assistant, Email Marketing Company, Graphic Designers, etc.) You must stop doing task that you don’t like to do.  In order for you to operate in you genius zone. In order for you to get to a place where you are your most efficient, creative and productive. You must stop spending too much time doing things you don’t like. And that’s when your money, abundance and success flows. Stop spending time doing things that you aren’t really great at. Start delegating now. Start actively look for people to build your team of experts.
  3.  You’re not getting in front of the right people. A part of growing your business is getting in front of the right people.  Don’t just get in front of an audience, get in front of the right audience. Understand the importance of being in the right place at the right time. You are not building influence, consistency or making money with your audience when you are not in front of the right audience. Don’t just waste time on social media in front of the wrong audience.
  4. You have to invest in you education so that you can grow. Recognize that you don’t know everything. Invest in yourself to go to the next level. Get a coach, immerse yourself in the industry. It cost 10,000 hours to become an expert in anything. So put in your 10,000 hours. Learn your craft. Invest your time and energy into learning how to master your craft.
  5. You gotta use automation. Invest in automation. Everything in your business should not have to be operated by you. Set up your business to where it can function to a degree without you. A great way to do that is automation. You can automate your emails, social media. But you must invest in that technology to be able to do so.
  6. Optimization simply means getting the most out of whatever it is that you do.You must optimize your marketing, optimize your website, optimize your social media. Whatever it is that you are doing you want to get the most bang for your buck. To help with this you can use our Free list building mastery resource guide.Click Here to get your FREE List Building Mastery Resource Guide.